The tradition of the Waynedale Community Picnic is one of the most anticipated events that residents look forward to each year. But this yearly event means more than just something to do. It is an opportunity for the community to band together to celebrate all of the great things that Waynedale has to offer.

For the afternoon, over 2,000 residents have the fantastic opportunity to join their neighbors, friends and family in a time to relax, have fun, win prizes, eat lunch and a chance to visit with local vendors. This time to enjoy the local atmosphere is an important aspect of being a part of a community because it gives us a chance to break our usual routine, look around and truly be grateful for what we have and celebrate where we live and the neighbors we share it with.

Our community is special. We’ve been adorned with a diverse population, a great variety of businesses, and amenities unique to our community. In fact, our community is so uniquely branded, although we live in Fort Wayne, we say we’re from Waynedale. This endearing aspect of what we call our community shows how much we really do care for our community nestled in the big city. Since the annexation into Fort Wayne almost 60 years ago, “Waynedalers” have held on to the small town feel. We see it in the neighborhoods and businesses we keep.

More so than almost every other community in Fort Wayne, many of the businesses and organizations here have been in operation for more than 50 years. It is the community’s residents who choose our local businesses over traveling to other parts of town for their goods and services that keeps those businesses in operation.

In thanks for your patronage, it is the businesses and organizations that truly make this event possible. The picnic is only able to feed and entertain its thousands of guests through the support of over 100 monetary, service or product donations by local businesses and organizations. The event is such a large undertaking that the organizers start working with donors and vendors in April! If you see a business or organization that you frequent or are a part of on a sign, flyer, or banner, be sure to thank them for the fantastic time at the picnic because it is only through their generosity and contributions that the event is able to continue from year to year.

The Waynedale Community Picnic is held free of charge to any attendee without any government assistance or grants. It is solely supported by its sponsors, vendors and volunteers who want to see our community come together and enjoy a day to celebrate Waynedale!

No other community has an event like this and no other community is quite like our community. So come out, bring a friend to share Waynedale with and enjoy a wonderful time. Waynedale Proud, Waynedale Strong! Twitter #waynedalepicnic

Right now you can check out photos and videos of all of the great activities and food from last year’s picnic on www.waynedale.com/picnic . After the event, the website will be updated with this year’s photos and videos, and you might even spot yourself, family or friends!

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