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Spyros New OwnerOne of Waynedale’s most successful restaurants will be under new ownership beginning November 1st. Spyro’s Pancake House, located at 4410 Bluffton Road has been purchased by Marc Amans. Mr. Amans assured us there will be no change in menu and pricing. The same friendly Wait Staff and Kitchen Manager will continue to service customers just as they have been served for the past eleven years. A name change is necessary for clarity and the restaurant will now be called “The Bluebird Pancake House”. Amans says, “The only things that will change are a new front for the menus and a new sign in front of the restaurant.”

This will be Amans first restaurant ownership. Negotiations for the transition began back in August of 2014 with present owners Jean and Sam Giatras. His background in construction and HVAC industry will serve customers well in the cold Indiana winters.

Amans is no stranger to the Waynedale area as he attended Waynedale Elementary School as a young boy. As many of us do, Amans first work experience came in the restaurant business. He first met Jean Giatras when she and her husband operated King Gyro’s. When negotiations began for this purchase, Jean still recognized Amans more than thirteen years later. She was excited to negotiate the sale with him.

The property on Bluffton Road began as a Burger Chef in the 1960s, later changing to Hardees and then Taco Taco before settling in as Spyro’s Pancake House in 2004. Marc Amans wants everyone to know he has NO plans to change anything at this location. Full hot breakfast and complete lunch menu will stay exactly the same. He would love to extend hours to serve dinner as well, but has no immediate plans to do so.

Amans would prefer this transition be viewed as a “passing of the baton.” He said, “It would be foolish to change any business that has been so successful.” The most exciting aspect of this new endeavor is “getting to know the loyal customers of this establishment.”

All of us at one time or another hope that the “Bluebird of Happiness” will come to visit us, even for a little while. Marc Amans hopes that we will come for a visit to his new “Bluebird Pancake House.”

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