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Fort 4 Fitness KingstonThirteen residents at Kingston Residence participated in the annual Fort 4 Fitness Senior Marathon this year. These folks have proven that they are ready, willing and able to go the extra mile…or 26.2 to be exact. Older adults needed to walk 26.2 miles over a period of about 12 weeks in order to complete the marathon. However, these 13 walkers far surpassed these expectations.

Barbara Armstrong, Arlene Chronister, Barbara Engelhaupt, Maxine Ford, Joan Franklin, Eileen Gerardot, Jack Griebel, Virginia Hambel, Margaret Keyser, Betty King, Alleyne Metzger, Carole Overmyer, and Mary Stair together walked over 960 miles throughout the summer. While some residents have participated in the Senior Marathon multiple times already, this was Eileen Gerardot’s first year. She led the Kingston pack by walking nearly 200 miles! “It is so good for our health to do walking groups like this,” said Gerardot.

These folks cheered each other on and crossed paths often. Betty King, at 98, was the matriarch of the group. According to Betty, walking is her medicine. “I walk to get the kinks out,” she says as folks pass her in the Kingston corridor. Alleyne Metzger was looking forward to the finale at Parkview Field because her grandson was involved in the Kids’ Marathon. Metzger told her grandson, “If you can do it, Grandma can do it too!”

These ladies and gentleman are dedicated to exercising for their health. They tracked mileage every day and attended several meetings throughout the summer to record their numbers and discuss future plans. Since this was such a hit, Kingston will be planning their own “Walk to Mexico” for their residents. It will finish with a party on Cinco de Mayo! This will help everyone stay in shape for next year at the Fort 4 Fitness Senior Marathon. See you there!

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