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Santa Claus Allen ShawMy dearest children of the world,

I am about to set out on my busiest night of the year. Soon, I will travel 24 hours and reach every corner of the world. Even though I have been doing this for centuries, that miracle still confounds me. Preparations for this special night began long before I was on the earth, and the principles of giving, love and spreading peace on earth is a message that can never be forgotten.

I so enjoy giving a piece of fruit, a toy, or even a pair of much-needed sandals to children both big and small. Some are so grateful, it even makes me blush when their gratitude is far greater than the gift. Others, seem to never be grateful, no matter how long it has taken my elves to build it. Those elves work so hard, and all they expect in return is a heart filled with thanks.

It seems that this year (like so many others), my “Naughty” list is longer than my “Nice” list. Why can’t you learn to get along? Race, religion and politics seem to bring out your strongest emotions, while acts of kindness, love and healing practically go unnoticed. I am not sure how much longer I can keep making my trip of peace if you don’t stop your fighting and bickering!

You no longer feel safe in asking; “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”(From “The New Colossus” written by Emma Lazarus in 1883). I fear for the safety of your children and children all over the world. No matter where you stand on “Political Correctness” it is harder than ever to define it. In trying to make the earth safe for everyone, you have made it safe for no one. In my travels I have seen wars for centuries and I am sure I will see them for centuries more. If you believe the Bible, this will never change.

When God sent His Son to earth to show us peace, we all rejected Him and His message. The peace the angels sang about is very rarely sought after and so often misunderstood. It all goes back to the ungrateful child, causing God’s heart to break just like mine.

Children, I want to see my “Nice” list grow greater everyday and if I want that, don’t you think God wants this even more?

This Christmas, with grateful hearts be thankful!, so that God’s peace will grow in your hearts and lives.


Allen Shaw
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Allen Shaw

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