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Fleet Feet Sports announces unique one of kind youth summer running program for Fort Wayne, Indiana and Allen County. It is recognized that many adult weight gain and obesity issues begin at an early age in life. In response to the growing national and local concern for children’s health status Fleet Feet Sports Fort Wayne has developed a children’s running program called Mini Milers.

The Fleet Feet Mini Milers program is designed to promote the activity of running for children ages 6-12 through fun, dynamic running-related games and exercises. The Mini Milers program is aimed at helping children increase their respective levels of endurance by working up to a consistent regimen of running by the end of the program. Parents will be welcomed and encouraged to participate with their children as pacers, sweepers and group leaders.

The program will meet twice a week from 5-6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the summer at Jorgensen YMCA and Indian Trails Park beginning on June 7.

Each Practice will include a warm up of easy jogging, dynamic exercises and stretches along with short fun-themed talk.

*Children will split into groups for roughly 20 minutes of exercise
*Cool down including light stretches
*Water will be provided
*Snacks organized through parent-volunteers
The Mini Miler running program has purposefully avoided categorizing children by age; instead, it creates four fun groups that will suit the children’s needs based on their varying degrees of development.

Fort Wayne/Allen County residents interested in finding out more information about this fun unique running program can contact Fleet Feet Sports at 1-260-432-3270 or visit the website www.fleetfeetfortwayne.com/training/mini-milers.

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