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“How about a television ad,” Steve said during the manure-and-worm free lunch focus group, “that shows a cartoon of a worm with a happy smile on his face? You know, you can have him munching on manure, and then producing ….”

“Thanks so much, Steve,” said Emily, very quickly, “but I don’t think Dewey’s budget will allow for animation.”

“Or,” said Anita Campbell, “you could show a delicious baked trout on a platter, and say ‘The best baked fish starts with a small worm.'”

Mrs. Doc said, “Do you really want people to think about dinner and worms at the same time?”

“Yeah,” Anita said, “I see what you mean.”

Doc slowly raised his hand.


“I think everyone in town knows I’m a fly fisherman, but we’re trying to sell worms here. Maybe an ad showing a happy boy carrying a cane pole and a can of worms, whistling and walking toward the local pond, and underneath it you could say something like, ‘A boy, a summer’s day, a can of worms: the building blocks of America.'”

“Hey, that’s kinda great!” Dewey said. “You equate worms with happiness, youth, and patriotism.”

Doc smiled quietly but proudly. He thought he might consider branching off a bit into advertising. But then, who would give the flu shots?

Well, the lunch was good, anyway.

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