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VISITING DOC – Home Country

“Doctor’s office.”

“That you, Doc?”

“Sure is. How you doing, Windy?”

“Finer’n frog hair, Doc. Say, did you hear about ol’ Bob over at the junction?”

“Sure was a shame, Windy. I had no idea he was sick. Went pretty fast is what I heard.”

“Me, too. Say Doc, you remember Minnie up at the capitol? I heard she passed just last week.” “You don’t say. That’s a shame. Used to see her at dances at the Legion. So how are you, Windy?”

“Oh, I’m okay, I guess. Them pills you gave me seem to be helpin’ with the arthur-itis and the lombardo of the back. How ‘bout you, Doc? Eatin’ good? Getting’ some exercise?”

Doc shrugged and looked to see if his next patient was sitting in the waiting room yet. Not yet.

“Doing just fine, Windy, for a semi-old person.”

“I’m shore glad to hear that, Doc. Missus Doc doin’ good, too?”

“Yep. She’s out working in the garden right now.”

“I heard her sister passed not long ago.”

“That’s true, but her sister was 12 years older, you know.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Say Windy, I know there must have been some reason for you to call me up today. Are you sure you don’t need to come in and see me?”

“Oh, not today, Doc. Just wanted to see how you’re getting’ along. Truth is, I’m runnin’ out of people to call.”

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