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At the January 30 assembly at the St. Elizabeth campus, Assistant Principal Greg Slee shows students the contents of the time capsule to be opened in 2024.During the week of January 26 to February 1, St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth School celebrated Catholic Schools Week with the theme “Celebrating our History.” Principal Lois Widner and Assistant Principal Greg Slee gave short talks to parishioners before all the Masses on January 26. Parishioners also had an opportunity to ask them questions about the school after Mass, and see the new school uniform for the future St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School.

On January 29, the new St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School held an open house for visitors interested in seeing the school. On January 30, St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth School held assemblies at both campuses to reveal the contents of a time capsule which will be buried and opened in 2024. Students and staff watched the St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth School Memory Lane slide show compiled by art teacher Kristin Spoltman.

On January 31, the students recited a Living Rosary led by the National Junior Honor Society in St. Elizabeth Seton church, followed by an All School Mass.

Catholic Schools Week wrapped up on the evening of February 1 with the annual Legacy Auction, a gala evening with dinner and an auction for schools parents, staff and friends of St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth Seton School. The PAC was festively decorated with the theme of Mardi Gras.

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