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The older the violin…the more its worth.

The Gobbler
Thank God, Thanksgiving comes only once a year. If I gobbled any more often, I’d look like a stuffed turkey.
But please folks, don’t give me the bird.

The Agreement
After her annual physical, Char’s doctor said, “Everything looks good, but I would like to see you lose some weight.”
Char looked at the good doc and said, “So would I.”

A Cut From Above
Late one afternoon, Skip, my soon to be world famous barber, was giving a not so famous customer, a haircut, when I asked, “Am I your last customer?”
“No, I’ve got a guy driving in from Muncie and one from Cincinnati.”
“J_ _ _s C_ _ _ _t, that’s a long way!”
“Yeah,” Skip said, “and He’s coming in from Bethlehem…on a donkey.”
“Are you going to trim his beard?”

When the government takes your money and gives it to someone else, that’s not sacrifice…that’s thievery.
~Richard Mourdock

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