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Broadview Florist Doug HackbarthEvery year hibiscus and mandevillea plants are ordered in from Florida and as always, it’s a guessing game as to how many of each will be needed to supply the public. Well it seems that this year everyone wants the mandevillea as there is now a shortage of them. Everyone seems to be “sold out” of them but be patient, I am sure most garden centers will re-stock soon.

I think that we all are familiar with the hibiscus plant, both bush and tree. This is a tropical, warm temperature loving plant that promises great big, beautiful blossoms all summer long and comes in shades of red/orange, salmon, pink and now even in bright yellow. Each blossom last only 48 hours but there are always plenty more to follow and usually many on the tree at the same time.

The mandevillea is a fabulous vine-type plant that once in place, will attach and cling to almost anything that it comes into contact with it. Originally mandevilleas were only pink but now there are ones in deep velvet red and also white. The red variety is also known as dipladenia, but it’s in the mandevillea family.

Other great patio plants include gardenia (bush or tree), alamanda (yellow), passiflora coccinea, ruellia (aka; Mexican Petunia), duranta repens (sapphire showers), brugmansia (angel trumpet), large geranium pots or any other large combinations of your favorite flowers. I currently have all of these on my patio. Some of these plants you may need to look up on the internet.

Just remember, it is never too late to add beautiful containerized pots to your collection so dig out those un-used ugly pots from many years ago and fill them up with beauty.

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