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JIM SAULBishop Luers High School Alumni Office is pleased to announce the Distinguished Knights for the 2012-2013 year. The Alumni Office honors one graduate and an honorary alumnus (friend, faculty, former faculty, staff, or benefactor) who have contributed outstanding and distinguished service to his or her chosen profession and community. This individual lives out the mission of Bishop Luers High School in his or her everyday life and contributes outstanding dedication, support and service to Bishop Luers.

Our Outstanding Alumnus, Jim Saul, Class of 1963.

Jim Saul is the epitome of Luers Spirit. He has lived out the saying, “once a Knight, always a Knight.” His strong faith, loyalty to Catholic education and a love of the southside of Fort Wayne makes him the perfect candidate for this award. Not only is Jim Saul a Luers grad, but he also sent nine children to Bishop Luers. He has volunteered his time in the athletic department, the music department and the development office. His son says that his father, “Jim is the quintessential Knight.”

The Honorary Alumnus, Diane Karst’s dedication, support and service to Bishop Luers High School is evident in everything that she does. Our school and her students are her number one priority. Diane Karst not only works during the school year, but also during the summer to plan for the next year. She is active at her parish, and is our Assistant Athletic Director. Ms. Karst is humble about her skills and talents and always states that our staff and our students make her better every day.

Ms. Karst and Mr. Saul was recognized during half time of the Varsity football game Bishop Luers vs. Bishop Dwenger on October 12, 2012.

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