LIONS CLUB PLANT TREES  TO ENHANCE WAYNEDALE PARKThe Waynedale Park was originally established by the Waynedale Lions in the 1940s and deeded to the city after annexation in 1957.

Challenged by the Past President of the Lions International and a speech by the arborist of the City of Fort Wayne, when he discussed the problems with the Emerald Ash Borer, and the storms last June, the Waynedale Lions Club took up the challenge to replace trees that were lost due to disease and storms in the park.

To have contracted for these 11 trees to be purchased, and planted, it would have cost the taxpayers money, so the Lions Club in Waynedale started shopping for trees they could afford, and a way their aging membership could help the community. City Arborist, Chad Jingle provided a list of approved trees and established a map of where they could be planted. With the assistance of Dreamscape Landscaping, the Lions were able to purchase trees from Arbor Farms Nursery at a fair price.

The Lions have worked with the Waynedale Boy Scouts and Waynedale Improvement Association on a variety of projects in the past, and they again joined together to accomplish this latest project.

Four Scouts, three Moms and two Dads assisted the Lions by digging holes and planting the trees according to the city arborist specifications.

Ed McClure and Camile Garrison of the Waynedale Improvement Association trucked in the water for the trees, as well as, donuts for the workers.
Ranieri Torana and Lyle Simpson picked up, delivered the trees and helped in the planting.

The Waynedale Lions hope to encourage other volunteer organizations to work with the City and take on the challenge of planting appropriate trees where they need to be planted to enhance other areas of our community.

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