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SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL FIRE DEPARTMENTDistress and sadness are two of the first thoughts that come to mind when we hear of a house fire. This is especially true with young children. Loretta Loy, head of Nana’s Creations for years, has and continues to provide children with much needed comfort for those in these traumatic situations with her sentimental, hand-crafted blankets.

Loy, has been making blankets for many years and in Christmas 2005 she decided to donate 5 blankets to Fire Station No. 5 here in Waynedale. She thought the firefighters could give them to children in need who were frightened or displaced by a fire. The local fireman thought so highly of her idea they urged her to expand her operation, and that is exactly what she did. The project was very successful. There were over 100 blankets donated and given to children in the area. It was an overwhelming success. However as time passed, donations became more and more scarce. This unfortunately forced Loretta to stop producing her beloved blankets.

Presently and this brings us to the point of this article, Loretta has decided to resume her wonderful blanket donation campaign. She approached Brad Campbell at 1st Source Bank here in Waynedale and Andrea Ehresman at 1st Source Bank in New Haven to help her. Mr. Campbell agreed, just as he did in Loretta’s first go around and Andrea Ehresman of 1St Source Bank in New Have agreed to help as well.

Currently, anyone who wants to assist in this wonderful campaign can do so by either purchasing blankets or donating to the cause.

To purchase a blanket you must go to either of the 1st Source Banks which are located in Waynedale and New Haven. When a blanket is purchased, your name and address will be recorded for acknowledgment. Then you will be given a receipt that you can take to A to Z Embroidery (6150 Bluffton Road, Waynedale) where your child’s first name will be embroidered for free. Subsequently a matching blanket will be donated to an area fire station.

The fire stations that are currently receiving blankets are Fire Station No. 5 in Waynedale and the New Haven Fire Station. Loretta is also planning to expand to other area fire stations such as Fire Station No. 2 on Taylor Street in Fort Wayne and Fire Station No. 9 on Pontiac Street in Fort Wayne.

Contributions to Nana’s Creations would be gratefully accepted at 1st Source Bank in Waynedale and New Haven. Thank you notes have already been sent to 1st Source Bank in Waynedale and New Haven, A to Z Embroidery, Imel Insurance, Chilcote Family Insurance, JW Signs and Sharon’s Corner Garage Sale.

“It’s all about doing something for the children, it’s to lighten their spirits,” stated Loretta. So let’s all come together and help, so she can help the children who need a little comfort in a time of peril.

If you have any questions you can contact Loretta directly at 260-478-8300.

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