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Michael and Emily pose for a wedding photo outside the cockpit of a Cessna in Sweet Aviation’s hanger on April 20th 2013.  Photo by Morgan Ruth Photography.On April 20th, 2013 my beautiful fiancé and I got married at Saint Louis Besancon Catholic Church in New Haven, in front of our wonderful family and friends. It was truly an amazing day filled with memories and a celebration that my wife, Emily and I will never forget.

For those who do not know, Emily has been pursuing her PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Notre Dame for over 3 years and still has a few years of study left to accomplish her goal. As newlyweds we had a decision to make in regards to my role as Co-owner and Publisher of The Waynedale News. Through strenuous thought, we both decided it was best for our new marriage that I leave The Waynedale News so we could begin our new life together in the same city.

The decision to leave the company was not an easy one by any means. Over the past 4 years I have had many opportunities for professional and personal growth in a community I have long loved.

Most importantly though, I leave my colleague, business partner and friend behind. Alex Cornwell and I discussed many different scenarios together which included part – time and remote work but ultimately we both knew that the best decision was for me to move on completely from the newspaper. I will truly miss problem solving, brainstorming and working on a day-to-day basis with him.
Besides the great work experience at the newspaper, the memories I will take from my tenure will be numerous.

From proofing copy at 4am with Alex before our first publication, to the day-to-day in our old smaller office in the Imel Insurance Building, to the many wonderful chats with our sales representative Scott Warren, Editor Cindy Cornwell, Imel Insurance’s great staff and our Distribution Heads Ed and Mary Lou Fox. The great events, such as, The Waynedale Parades, Picnics, Seminars and Tastes of Waynedale. To the purchase of the new, dedicated, newspaper building and the hard work The Waynedale News staff, friends and family put into the new workplace. These are just a few of the memories, if I were to write them all down, I would have to write a small novel to chronicle them all.

As I move forward with life I will be pursuing something other than graphic work or publishing. I will be entering the world of piloting. My love for aviation goes back a long way but it has flourished in the past year since I received my private pilot license from the wonderful people at Sweet Aviation here in Fort Wayne. I am excited for my future in the cockpit and can’t wait for this new chapter in my life.

To say I enjoyed working at the newspaper and in the Waynedale community would be an understatement. I will always love The Waynedale News and the wonderful community that we reported on. As I go forth to this new chapter, Alex will take over as sole-owner, and undoubtedly continue to provide a great community-first newspaper.

I would like to thank the support everyone has provided me during my tenure with the newspaper. You all know who you are and you are all wonderful individuals.

Your former Waynedale News Co-Owner and Publisher Michael Alberico

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Michael Alberico

A former co-owner of the newspaper, Michael worked for the newspaper for 3 and a half years. He is graduate of Bishop Luers HS and The University of Saint Francis. Michael is now pursuing a career in aviation in South Bend, Indiana. > Read Full Biography > More Articles Written By This Writer