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Kingston Residence has teamed up with Hair Affair to host a fundraiser to benefit the Fort Wayne Trails – Waynedale Initiative. The “Spring Social” will take place on May 11th from 10am to 3pm at Hair Affair located at 6200 Bluffton Road Fort Wayne, IN 46809. This event is an opportunity for people to pamper themselves and start fresh for the new season. A variety of beauty treatments will be offered that include: Haircuts, pedicures, manicures, mini-pedicures, diva nail art, and a senior special. Proceeds from those treatments will be donated to the Fort Wayne Trails – Waynedale Initiative. We will also provide free hand massages and chair massages as well as free temporary hair color applications. Refreshments will be provided throughout the day and there will be a $1 photo booth set up for guests to get their pictures taken and then mailed to them, courtesy of Kingston Residence.

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