Back in the time of sock hops and ice cream socials the original elementary school serving the very rural Aboite Township (before it became a suburban mecca) was the Aboite Township School.

On Saturday, June 25, an event to reunite Aboite Township School students and teachers from the 1950s and 1960s was held at the Indian Trails Park pavilion (on Aboite Center Road next to the Jorgensen YMCA). Attendees were able to tour the original school. Laughter, pictures, memorabilia and fond memories were had by all. For more information visit

Aboite Township School opened in 1954 as an eight-grade school when the township remained primarily agricultural. It was the township’s first elementary school serving the entire township. Previously, until the 1940s, the township’s students attended one-room schoolhouses.

The Aboite Township School later became a combined elementary and junior high school including grades 7-9. For high school, the township’s students attended high schools in surrounding districts, including Elmhurst, Arcola, and Lafayette Central.

In the 1960s Aboite Township and Lafayette Township came together to form Southwest Allen County Schools as a part of state-mandated school consolidations. The 1954 building was closed for public education in the late 1990s when replaced by a new Aboite Elementary School next door.

A bunch of 60-ish-year-olds came together for a first-ever party to reacquaint with some grade school chums. Several retired Aboite teachers from that time also joined in the party.

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