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Julia & Matt Anders-Owners of Comfort Keepers for the past 12 years have learned many things working with seniors. Julia Anders says, “When we first started Comfort Keepers, I had magnets with Comfort Keeper advertising put on my car. It didn’t take me very long to learn that seniors are very private. They don’t necessarily want their neighbors to know their business”. So, she took off the magnets and never brought them back!

Another thing they have learned is that transportation is a challenge not just for seniors but also many others who cannot drive for various reasons. “I cannot tell you the number of phone calls we have received over the years from people who only needed a ride whether it is to a doctor appointment, or to the beauty or barber shop, so we decided to start a transportation company for that very reason,” says Matt Anders. So, Premier Comfort Transportation Services was created and they opened for business this month.

Premier Comfort Transportation Services while very comparable to a taxi in price, is the absolute opposite in every other way. Your trip will be customized according to each client’s needs. Their driver/escorts will pick you up in a luxury sedan and drive you to your destination. They will make sure you are safely inside, and they can wait for you, or you can schedule a return pick-up for a later time. They also offer you the opportunity to bring a friend or family member along for no additional cost as long as you are being picked up and dropped off at the same location. “And, since privacy is so important to everyone, our cars will not have any advertising on them. So, you will not be on display for your trip,” adds Julia Anders.

Matt adds, “It’s important to know that our drivers undergo national criminal background checks and must have a spotless criminal record and an excellent driving record, as well.” PCTS clients will set up an account with the company and the drivers will not carry cash. “This was important to us as well,” says Julia Anders, “our drivers are not allowed to accept tips, and we accept all major credit cards. ”

Premier Comfort Transportation Services drives people locally to appointments, or shopping, hospital visits, lunch with friends, even sporting events. But, PCTS can also drive anywhere in the United States. “Many of our clients have medical appointments in Indianapolis, or Cleveland, or may need transportation to an airport. We can take people to all the major airports, Indianapolis, Chicago, South Bend and Detroit.” says Matt Anders. If you can think of it, they can probably drive you there. “I would also like people to know that we are going to be doing small group trips for 6 or so to locations like Shipshewana for shopping and lunch,” Julia adds. Premier Comfort Transportation Services slogan is “Absolutely everything you desire in a ride…Comfortable, Reliable, Professional and Courteous.” Owner, Matt Anders adds, “Once folks give us a try, they absolutely love it!”

For more information or to get a quote for your next trip, call 260-740-3030.

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