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Doug Hackbarth - Broadview Florist & GreenhousesWe know that everyone has a place for one or more combination pots…near the front door, by the garage door or on your patio. In order to have plenty of nice combination pots of varying sizes and colors, we planted plenty this year. I have planted many “combo’s” for people around town and I have seen them recently…they are looking great. It’s funny to see them as they start to grow, you wonder if they are going to make it in the beginning. And now, they are flowering, trailing, spiking and doing everything that you were hoping they would do.

It’s not too late to plant up a combination pot, even now. As long as there are healthy plants to be found, you can turn any old pot, urn or anything imaginable into a combination pot of beauty. And don’t be so particular on which plants you buy. Simply get the ones that look healthy and pick colors that work for you. Who knows, you may even find a new favorite flower or vine. Anyone can do it.
Probably the most important aspect to success is the potting soil. I recently re-planted a combo pot for someone who wanted me to use the soil that was left in the pot from last year (maybe even the year before). It was the worse soil I have ever seen. No wonder she had bad luck growing plants at home. It wasn’t the plants that she had picked out, it wasn’t the watering or lack of fertilizers, it was all about the soil. I know what she used…cheap soil! Spend some money on soil that is sure to give you success regardless of what plants you choose.

I am not going to name any brand names but you will know good soil by the price. It costs $12 to $20 per 3 cubic feet whereas cheap soil is usually only $1.99 to $2.99 for a 40 lb. bag. It may say Potting Soil but it is really best used for growing grass or mixing in your flower and vegetable gardens. They all seem to be nothing more than Top Soil with many different labels. Don’t get me wrong, all weed free, composted materials added to your gardens is a good thing…maybe just not the best for your pots.

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