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Last week I went on vacation and some of my plants got too dry without me there to take care of them. I know that this has happened to all of us.

Almost always the damage can be repaired and with very little effort.

First, get out the pruners or your favorite scissors and trim off everything that has been damaged or dried out. Next add water. That’s it! Nothing more difficult than that.

I will caution you not to use fertilizers until you see noticeable improvement and do not repot as a lot of the damage could be in the root system.

The best cure is just water and trimming.

One of my hanging baskets had a lot of dead flowers on it so I simply sat down in the shade and trimmed off the dead blossoms and picked off the yellow leaves then it instantly looked better.

If you are like me, constantly on the go…try one of my favorite methods of fast watering. Keep several plastic water bottles filled with water in your walking path and when you need to leave, just pick up a few bottles and lay them in the pots so that the water runs out on the soil. Don’t even slow down your pace, just shove them in and keep on going. You can always collect your bottles again tonight or even tomorrow.

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