We, the staff of The Waynedale News would like to wish you a happy New Year! Most people’s resolution in the New Year is for self-improvement, we too resolute for betterment. Our New Year’s Resolution is to continue to bring you the most enjoyable Waynedale news and entertainment possible.
Looking back at 2010 we have had many successes, which have brought a more upbeat light to the Waynedale community. Our always positive and non-bias news helps those in Waynedale learn about where they call home.
1. We have seen a 20% growth in our readership and distribution.
2. The paper currently has 30,000 readers. This increase expands our 100% door-to-door distribution as far east as South Wayne Street and as far west as West Jefferson Boulevard.  
3. Many readers now turn to The Waynedale News for their primary local news source.
4. Last year, our news and entertainment website www.waynedalenews.com received over 65,000 visitors and continues to grow, totaling over 9,000 pages of interesting topics. You can also find our columnist’s biographies and latest articles on the website.
5. Recently new, is a free emailed newsletter subscription sign up as well as the ability to share your comments on articles, entirely free.
6. We plan to keep the newspaper a free resource for all to unite and enhance the community. In the past year, we sponsored four community events, and gave away $3,000 in grants to local non-profits.
7. In continuing our mission we also sponsored www.Waynedale.com. The website is a free online community complete with a discussion forum and free business listings. It is designed to be entirely free to add/promote local businesses on the directory and create a discussion of local topics to help the community come together and to bring people into Waynedale.

This year, we plan to be even better at serving you.  We will:
1. Continue to give as much as possible to our community
2. Provide more engaging contests
3. Offer more community grants
4. Continue promoting and sponsoring Waynedale events
5. Release various books focused on Waynedale
6. Finally, come up with even more ideas and projects to enhance our community

Don’t Forget!
• We are always looking for Waynedale story ideas, articles, press releases, photos or any other news from the area.
• The paper is a free resource for others in the community who depend on the local news.
• The Waynedale News accepts advertising, subscriptions, and donations to keep the paper running and available.
Feel free to submit news online at www.waynedalenews.com or to news@waynedalenews.com for potential use in the next issue.

The Waynedale News Staff
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