Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather EbbingThe planet that we inhabit is round like a circle. Within the circle is all God’s creation. It is all there for us to give and to receive.

This circle is our Earth Mother. She deserves our utmost love and respect. Sweetgrass is the hair of Mother Earth. Oh, it smells so sweet and is so soft and silky. We Native people like to braid it and keep it near us. It reminds us of the sweet smells of nature. When we go to pow wows, there is always a good chance to purchase some sweetgrass from a vendor, or perhaps you may receive a braid as a gift from one of the singers or dancers.

What a wonderful moment it is when we take the time to look at the simple things that are here for all of us in life’s circle. Here at Peace Tree Ridge, we grow our own sweetgrass, and we also grow sage. Oh how wonderful sage smells! It is good to be smudged with sage. It dispells negative thoughts and clears the air. It is a good gift from The Creator, and I might add, that I very much love the smell and taste of sage dressing along with roasted turkey.


Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing

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Rev. Thomas “Dancing Feather” Ebbing

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