Having been out of state for the biggest part of two months, I’ve kind of lost track of what is going on at the various Scout meetings in the Waynedale area, so I’m trying to catch up. Have patience and please send me your updates and I will give you some ink on your organization/Scouting unit.

I’m now registered with Troop 344, Pack 3322, and Troop 38 and I will try my best to be of service and help to them all. Scouting is important to me and now that the BSA has turned 100-years old, there is even more to rejoice about. How many other youth organizations have held on this long without folding to peer pressure and the wants of the many minority groups (you know whom I’m talking about) that want to invade the Scouts. I think these people don’t really want to join; they just want to cause trouble and hope the organization folds. Thank you Supreme Court for helping us to uphold our traditions and beliefs and not have to compromise any of them.



Troop 38, sponsored by Calvary UMC, 6301 Winchester Road, is alive and back in the competition. I understand they took Second Place in the Iron Chef cooking competition during the recent Klondike Derby held at Indian Trails Park on January 30 & 31 in spite of the +12 degree temperature. I have not been given the information as to what troop took First Place. Could someone fill me in please?

The boys also took 3rd Place in the Sled Race so apparently they must be doing something right for being a just-starting-out-again-small troop. The troop will have 7-8 boys registered come next crossover and are already planning on attending Summer Camp at Camp Chief Little Turtle, 50 miles north of Fort Wayne at the Anthony Wayne Area Council Reservation during the June 27th to July 3rd summer session. This reporter will be going up mid-week to take pictures and maybe get in a little fly-fishing for bluegill in Pit Lake while I’m there. I just might take along a small skillet and a little olive oil. Can I use your fire pit?

For more information on Troop 38, contact the Scout office at 260-432-9593 or Ray McCune at 260-747-6512. For the 2nd Place winning recipe please contact Assistant Scoutmaster Keri Roby at the Scout meeting on Monday night. (It might have been called Road Kill Pasta – it was rumored that it contained buffalo burger).



I want to thank Mr. Larry Lorenz for his generous donation of scouting equipment. Larry was an Assistant Scoutmaster when I was Scoutmaster of Troop 44, Sponsored by Portage Creek Camp Association back in the 80s. Thanks again Larry. If anyone has scouting or camping equipment that they would like to donate to the Scouts, give me a call and I’ll come pick it up. My phone number is 260-747-6512.

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