Tuesday night, January 26, the Baer Field Toastmaster Club celebrated its 24th anniversary with a dinner at Lambro’s restaurant. The club had 11 members in attendance including David Milner, our Area Governor.

Toastmasters is a worldwide organization founded to help people become better communicators and, therefore, better leaders.

Harold Raines started the Baer Field group. He felt a group was needed on the southeast side of town, so he visited the local companies and businesses in the area to explain how we could benefit their employees and companies. He then arranged a meeting room at the hotel at Baer Field Airport and the Baer Field Toastmasters Club was officially organized in January 1986.

Toastmasters clubs include people from all walks of life. Anyone who wants to become a more assured speaker and communicator. Perhaps a teacher needs help just getting ideas across to her students. Or a new business entrepreneur needs help learning to present himself and his products to the public.

Perhaps you are looking for a new or different job and want to learn how to better present yourself to a future employer.

Dr. Gisella Zukausky joined Toastmasters to have fun. She was already a lecturer, but wanted to improve her delivery. She feels it has helped her be better organized and more effective in her speaking. She also enjoys the social time.

David Wilkins found that Toastmasters helped him to express his faith more clearly. Also, “I have become a more effective speaker and family communicator. I believe that the more effective communicator I become, the more effective human being I become.”

Toma Davis was volunteering with Project Read for Vista. Another volunteer felt Toastmasters would help them become better speakers for Vista so a group of them joined Baer Field Toastmasters. “It helped me overcome my fear of speaking. I still have butterflies in my stomach, but they are lined up now! The 1-2 minute speeches help you improvise in various situations. You meet a lot of wonderful people—not just in your own club, but from other clubs, too.”

Would you like to become a more effective communicator—perhaps at work or even in your own home?  Toastmasters might be just the solution! Contact 6089 for more info or call L. Demorest 447-5454.

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