With great weather coming in early this spring season, sales of flowers, shrubs and vegetable plants are soaring at an all-time record. Temperatures in late April as warm as the high 80’s, and “safe-to-plant” temperatures continuing on throughout the May planting season have gotten even first-time gardeners out buying early.

What this means to us all is that good plant choices and supplies are going to run out very early this year. I can remember a few years back when it wasn’t safe to plant your garden before Memorial Day, as frost warnings were forecast almost every night. I can also remember a year when it was safe to plant after the 2nd week of April, very unusual. This season seems to be falling right in the middle.

I am not your typical “moon watcher” but I do know that after a full moon the temperatures usually turn colder just as they did on Mother’s Day weekend. Sometimes, most times those temperature changes result in frosty nights, but not this year as Mother’s Day weekend was cool, but safe. Each day, each week that the weather stays safe, inventories run low…good for the retailer but bad for the procrastinator who will find nothing left by Memorial Day.

The Waynedale News Staff

Doug Hackbarth - Broadview Florist & Greenhouses

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