Personal Care Medical Supplies, Inc. – a full service medical supplier and delivery resource for individuals and families in need of home medical equipment and supplies has announced the opening of its new retail store located in Covington Plaza at 6378 West Jefferson Boulevard on the southwest side of Fort Wayne. The new facility offers a broad range of ready-to-use medical equipment, supplies, and adaptive aides for a wide variety of home health care applications for all ages. The store is a first step in the company’s expansion of its services with the expectations to add online shopping and ordering in the future. Additionally, the company is continuing to offer convenient monthly delivery services to the immediate nine county area of northeast Indiana.

Personal Care Medical Supplies is a new name for the company that has been successfully assisting health caregivers since 1999 as Personal Incontinent Care, Inc. With recent changes in state contracts, the company strategically decided to expand its product lines and services to better meet its market, hence the name change and new location.

“We really do understand the needs of caregivers and the challenges associated with providing medical assistance because we’ve been there, too,” explains Lora Acker, owner of Personal Care Medical Supplies. “Our goal with opening this new location and expanding our product line is to reach a bigger audience and help them find the right medical supplies and make the right choices in a supportive, compassionate environment.”

The new store features several display areas to show and help consumers understand how the products work. Examples include full size bed and bath settings with various health products and adaptive aides in place – consumers can actually see and test selected products before purchasing to make better-educated decisions. Additional areas include a private fitting room and in-store education displays to help answer questions and concerns.

“We understand how intimidating these kind of products can be sometimes,” adds Acker. “We want to help consumers and health administrators make smart, comfortable decisions that can help improve a person’s quality of life. THAT is why we are here. We know how valuable it is to have a trusted resource in getting the medical supplies you need.”

From routine medical supplies to individual bed, bath, and walking aides, Personal Care Medical Supplies offers a long list of in-store supplies as well as special orders involving practically any healthcare-related product. The company is a participating provider for Medicare and Medicaid, and the staff can readily answer insurance questions regarding supplies whether for the short- or long-term plan.

Store hours are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. until noon. More information is available by calling (260) 483-7720.

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