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Three out of every four leaders in businesses, religion, or politics in the United States were once in Boy Scouts. One-half serve in the military, six out of one hundred become pastors, and only two out of every one hundred reach Eagle Rank. Amazingly, there are five senior boys at Bishop Luers: Anthony Christie, Isaac Larson, Greg Offerle, David Rodenbeck, and Jake Ware, who have accomplished the goal of making Eagle Scout, which is a very high percentage for a small school.

Becoming an Eagle Scout is a very tedious and arduous process. A Boy Scout has to be active in his group for six months before he can achieve Life Scout, he has to demonstrate that he can live by the principles of the Scout Oath and Law in daily life, and earn a minimum of 21 merit badges. As a Life Scout, he has to serve actively for six months in a leadership position and plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to the community, a religious institution, or a school. After, he must take part in a Scoutmaster conference, and lastly, successfully complete an Eagle Scout Board of Review.

So, what motivated them to persist in this process and attain their goals?

Ware replied, “It was a family tradition but, besides that, it shows that you go above and beyond what normal people expect of you.”

Christie commented, “It is such a high award that it helps you get scholarships and jobs.”

Offerle added, “Once you get Eagle, you are part of a unique fraternity, no one else has, and the title sticks with you through your whole life.”

Aside from accomplishing such a prestigious award, participants take away greater qualities from Boy Scouts. Larson clarified, “Leadership and service to others are two qualities that I took from Scouts.”

Some people might think that these students were a bit extreme to go through everything they did to acquire this prominent award. To the contrary, these senior boys believed that this award would help them achieve their goals and give them life skills that they will always use. So, maybe reaching Eagle rank is more than just an esteemed award where one has to perform complex tasks and overcome many challenges.

Maybe it allows the recipients to develop hobbies and skills that add interest throughout their entire lives.

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