Girl Scouts are ready to provide the community with its favorite treat as they gain valuable business and economic literacy skills. This year, Girl Scout cookies were on sale beginning Friday, January 16. The sale will continue through March 15. In addition to order taking, Cookies-in-Hand will provide these annual taste treats without the wait!


For $3.50 per box, customers can help girls build business skills and financial knowledge as they sell these Girl Scout Cookie varieties:

•thin mints


•peanut butter patties

•peanut butter sandwiches

•caramel deLites



•daisy go rounds

*The New Cookie is a reduced fat cookie bursting with cinnamon and packaged as five handy single-serve snack packs in a box.


Again this year, ALL varieties of Girl Scout cookies are “zero trans fat per serving” (in compliance with FDA regulation).

The Girl Scout Cookie program helps girls build important leaderskills. Through cookie activities, girls learn how to plan, build teams, speak up, make decisions, solve problems and manage resources. These skills add up, so that ultimately, girls learn to be leaders – in their own lives and in our communities. In fact, many successful businesswomen have credited their business skills to the Girl Scout Cookie program, making it the premier business and economic literacy program for girls in the U.S.

Girls are the ultimate beneficiaries of all Girl Scout cookie activities—either directly or indirectly. Girls benefit directly by learning valuable life skills, earning money for their troop/group treasuries, and planning how to spend that money to achieve their troop/group goals.

“Girls also decide what to do with the money they earned for their troop projects. We don’t know of any other youth-oriented activity where the girls themselves decide what to do with the money they earn,” says Connie Frederick, Product Manager, Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michiana.

Girls also benefit indirectly by participating in a wide range of Council-wide activities which are made possible in part by the proceeds from the annual Girl Scout Cookie Program. After the commercial baker is paid, every penny remains in Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michiana to benefit the Girl Scouts in the local community, providing essential services to membership, such as financial assistance, program resources, training for adult volunteers, and support for special events.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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