The Peoples Trust and Savings Company was started in 1903 and the clock hung at 913 South Calhoun Street from 1930-1979.

When the building was readied for demolition the clock was taken down and stored at Gerig Sheet Metal. The clock was discovered by John Carpenter of Chapter 26, National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (AWCC) members in 1993. The president of the Chapter at that time, Richard Butts, contacted Summit Bank and meetings began to gather support for reconditioning the Fort Wayne landmark. The Bank paid for the storage fees and ultimately gave the clock under the direction of Richard Butts to Chapter 26 in 1997.

Restoration and repair began and was completed in 2008. The clock was donated to Baker Street Station on Friday, December 19.

Once again Fort Wayne residents will be able to enjoy “Meeting Under The Clock.”

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Richard Butts

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