Matthew and Mark were getting ready to decorate the house when Mark stopped to think.

“What is the true meaning of Christmas?” he thought to himself.

As he let the icicles fall out of his hand he asked Matthew, “Matt, what is the true meaning of Christmas?”

Matthew just shrugged, “I don’t really know. I think it is just a time to get presents.”

“Oh,” said Mark.

Matthew nodded, “I see what you’re saying Mark. Every Christmas, you wake up, open presents and get candy out of your stocking. But what is the true meaning?”

“So there you got it, I am pretty sure it’s all about the presents,” said Matthew.

But Mark thought, “I am sure there’s more then that.”

So he walked inside, and heated up some macaroni and cheese.

“Shane,” he asked, “What is the true meaning of Christmas to you?”

Shane, Mark’s older sister said, “It’s not all about anything specific, but it’s mostly about giving, and being generous.”

Mark thought, “Well, I have two pieces of the puzzle put together, but I think there is more then that.”

Mark went to bed and slept very well that night. Mark also knew that there must be more to the meaning of Christmas. He had found part of the meaning, but that wasn’t all. More pieces to this puzzle needed to be filled in.

So he asked his teacher, and she said, “The meaning of Christmas is having spirit, having fun, and celebrating that all is well.”

Mark still felt there must be more meaning to Christmas. So on the way home, on the bus, he asked his bus driver the true meaning of Christmas.

The bus driver told him, “It was the birthday of Jesus. We give presents to each other like the wise men gave to Jesus.”

Now Mark knew that it wasn’t all about the presents, or just being generous. He felt the true meaning of Christmas was what the bus driver told him. He understood that Christmas had multiple meanings to many people, but he felt the true meaning of Christmas was the birth of Jesus.

The Waynedale News Staff

Lauren Britt

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