ARCH, Inc.—Fort Wayne’s organization for historic preservation—announces that it has sold the Charles W. Kuhne House at 802-804 West Washington. ARCH purchased the home in May 2007, with a loan from Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana, to rescue it from possible demolition. “ARCH would not have been able to make the save for this house, without the assistance of Historic Landmarks Foundation,” said Angie Quinn, ARCH Executive Director.

The house came with a three-page list of immediate violations from Neighborhood Code Enforcement, and was one of the buildings that prompted ARCH to add the 800-1000 blocks of West Washington to the 2007 Most Endangered Structures list. ARCH worked with Neighborhood Code Enforcement to develop a work plan and completed its stabilization.

The new owner, Mark Shaw, has already completed many of the needed repairs to the east half of the building, and plans to move in before the end of September. He’ll live in a part if the house, while completing the repairs to the remaining sections. Mr. Shaw has renovated homes for several years, and looks forward to living in the historic West Central Neighborhood.

The property at the corner of Van Buren and Washington Boulevard is the entry point into the residential section of the West Central Historic District, and adjoins the historic Mary Rockhill-Tyler House. Since 1998 ARCH has worked to restore and interpret the Mary Rockhill-Tyler House at 918 Van Buren Street. The home is one of the earliest residences in the city still standing, and is a rare example of hall-and-parlor style in northern Indiana. ARCH has restored the Mary Rockhill-Tyler House and has an education program at the site.

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