The Sporting News once a very good baseball publication remembered by many old-time baseball fans has announced that their 52 week issues will now only be 26 weeks a year.

Well, I guess they called in a P.R. expert.

The magazine stated,” If every Sporting News is like this, it will make waiting 14 days for the next magazine very bearable. While other media outlets are cutting people and pages we are growing.

“SN is like getting 365 days a year version of you’ve grown to love.” This has nothing to do with their magazine this is their Web-Site.

In an average summer issue of the weekly magazine we’ve been giving about 15 pages of NFL coverage, the summer is baseball season.

I wonder how the Spink’s would like their new format.

I really do not like it and is the way I see it at this time. I’m sorry no more Sporting News for me.

The Waynedale News Staff
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Denver Howard

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