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Fort Wayne, Indiana (Grassroots Newswire) August 7, 2008 — If you’ve been curious about Curves in Waynedale or just want to know what they have to offer, then stop in on Wednesday, August 20 and Thursday, August 21, 2008. Curves will have an open house so you can take a peek.

Curves in Waynedale, located at 5909 Bluffton Road is owned by Mary Stark. April Wyss is the store manager. According to Wyss, the open house will be held from 6 am-7 pm and will feature healthy snacks.

The first 50 new members may join with a 66% discount on the initial service fee with a 12 mo. c.d. program and receive a free Curves t-shirt. Guests may enter to win a free basket of gifts. A 25% discount will be given for all Curves nutritional items as well as the current line of Curvaceous clothing. Come in and learn about some of our members’ success stories and pick up some recipes for healthy foods.

“This is a chance for someone to come in and see the equipment we have, and learn more about our program,” said Wyss.

Curves provides an exercise and weight control program designed specifically for women. “Whether you’re interested in getting more exercise for health and general condition, or want to lose weight or tone your muscles, Curves can help you establish a regimen to help you meet your goal,” Wyss said.

Curves’ exercise program consists of 30 minutes of exercise three times a week, during which participants work all major muscle groups and receive a great cardio workout. It includes all five components of a complete exercise program: warm-up, strength training, cardio, cool down, and stretching.

In addition to a proven workout plan, Curves of Waynedale offers various programs to help motivate and assist women in obtaining a healthy lifestyle, including: CurvesSmart™ personal coaching system, a new technology pioneered by Curves that offers a custom workout, moment to moment feedback and progress reports to keep members motivated while they work out; and, an online weight-loss subscription service that provides subscribers with diet and fitness information, tools, experts and motivation to achieve their weight-loss goals.


For more information, contact Mary Stark at 478-3500 or

The Waynedale News Staff

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