Breakfast is served from 6:00 A.M. until 10:00 A.M. the first Saturday of every month on Elzey Street at Masonic Lodge #739 and it’s open to the public. Crisp, lean bacon and breakfast sausages, hot buttered toast, scrambled eggs, eggs cooked to order, pancakes and their “Famous French Toast,” are on the menu.

Lodge membership is growing and they’re expanding services to the surrounding community. The Lodge’s officers and membership voted to begin construction on a new roof this month and hopefully it will be finished before winter returns.

Once-upon-a-time a disciple asked Jesus, “Raboni, (teacher) who among us is the greatest? Jesus answered, “The one who serves the most!”

Last Saturday at the Waynedale Lodge Many Masons were great. Dallas, cooked the famous French toast, Don did the eggs, breakfast meat and potatoes, Greg filled the gaps and delivered orders to the customers, a new member fixed and buttered white and wheat toast, the Lodge Secretary took orders and managed the cash box, Stewart, and other Past Masters along with the Lehman Clan stayed busy supporting the whole affair including clean-up. Several of the wives and children also helped make Saturday’s breakfast a smashing success.

And, not to forget, the Job’s Daughters washed cars during the breakfast. There are no strangers at Lodge #739, just friends you have not yet met…There is no Lodge breakfast in July because of the holiday.

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