For those who have not turned on the automatic update function on your computer’s operating system, count your blessings. We have had a busy week returning functionality to a large number of computers.
It seems Microsoft’s Service Pack 3 doesn’t have all the bugs worked out yet. Once installed your system may go into a cycle of rebooting, it may lose the ability to connect to the internet or you could fine you have no sound or network drivers. If you have a computer running an AMD processor the chances are even greater SP-3 will crash your system. However, you will be glad to know Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and is feverishly working on a solution.

If you do a Google search you will find the first 3 pages explaining the features and benefits of this latest update. However the following pages are filled with people asking how to uninstall or repair what SP-3 has done to their computer.

If you haven’t installed it yet and want to turn off the automatic download feature, here is how to do it. Click on the “start” button, go to” control panel,” double click the “Windows update” icon. Here you will find several choices, if you check “turn off automatic updates” a red shield will activate in the lower right corner of your desktop reminding you there is a security problem. You can click on the “X” and close this dialog balloon, but it will come back and annoy you. If you check the box, “Notify me when downloads are ready”, you will get a yellow shield that tells you “downloads are ready”. Either way, it’s annoying, but a small price to pay while waiting for Microsoft to correct the glitches.

If you have downloaded SP-3 and are not experiencing any complications you are one of the lucky ones and can benefit from the added security it provides. If you have installed it and are having problems, or if you want it installed but are unsure what to do if there are issues, we will be glad to help.

The staff at Computer Genius is constantly searching for answers, for this, and any other problems you might encounter. We are located on the North side of Ossian on State Road 1. We are open from 9:30am until 6:00pm and no appointment is necessary.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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