Jim Sack, founder of Fort Wayne’s Germanfest, will present: A Most German Town: How Germans Came to Dominate Fort Wayne, on Sunday, June 1, at 2:00 p.m. at the History Center.

It has been said that over half the population of Fort Wayne and Allen County can claim some German ancestry. Jim Sack is the perfect person to explain why that is. His father’s family emigrated from Arzberg, Oberfranken, Bavaria in 1855, settling first in South Bend then moving to Ligonier after the Civil War. In 1948, Jim’s parents moved to Fort Wayne where his love of his ancestry has made valuable contributions to our city.

In 1981, Jim founded Germanfest while serving as a member of the Win Moses administration. The following year he formed an organization made up of the three existing local German clubs to manage the festival and served as president for 12 years. He was a founder of the German Heritage Society and founded the Gera-Fort Wayne Sister Cities relationship.

Three other historians will join Jim in this presentation: the Honorable Judge Philip R. Thieme; Mary Prowant, Berghoff family historian; and Constance Buuck, historian and descendant of one of the many emigrants to Fort Wayne from the village of Windheim in Westfalen. With so much heritage and experience, this promises to be “a most German presentation.”

This will be the final program in “The George R. Mather Lecture Series, 2007-2008”. The lecture is free, and free parking is available. Sponsored by the Dunsire Family Foundation.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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