Sometimes when I lie down at night
And just before I pray,
There in the darkness lone and still
I think about the day.


Could I be proud of how I spent
This day my Lord did give,
These hours that are forever gone,
These hours I can’t relive?


Yes, did I truly walk with God
Throughout this day now past?
And did I really live today
As if it were my last?


And did I make my Savior proud
When I said “no” to sin,
Or did I find to Satan’s wiles
I once again gave in?


Or did I spend some time today
A portion of one hour
To witness to a neighbor of
My Savior’s love and power?


And did I keep my thinking pure
My speaking free from guile
Did I sit down and talk to God
For just a little while?


Did I take down my Bible and
Just read it to myself,
Or did I let another day’s
Dust gather on that shelf?


Yes, did I really spend my time
So I can truly say
As darkness falls, with conscience free,
“I’ve walked with God today!

The Waynedale News Staff
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Harriet Stennfeld

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