Author Sandra Bishop, wrote an original short story that has been published in the newly released Chicken Soup for the Soul Love Stories – Stories of First Dates, Soul Mates and Everlasting Love, the latest book in the NY Times best selling Chicken Soup for Soul series.

Sandra’s story, STOP THE CAR, is about a romantic anniversary dinner she and her husband shared. Each story was selected from thousands of other potential stories because of its unique and special ability to transport you to the moments of your life filled with devotion and unconditional and requited love.

Who can forget what it feels like to walk on air, share private jokes, and ponder over intimate moments? This collection of stories is sure to rouse the inner romantic in your heart, with stories of long lost love rekindled in the twilight of life, young love discovered, and love that truly lasts forever. But this book will also remind you of the everlasting love between friends, parents and children, and pets and pet owners.



My heart thundered in my chest as a man ran out in front of our car.

“Stop the car! Stop the car!” he shouted, holding his hands out.

Two more men raced up and pounded on our windows.

“Stop the car,” they screamed in unison.

We stopped.

A face appeared in the window.

“Put your window down!” the man insisted.

I sat motionless and mute as my husband Joe reached down to open his window.

It was the night of our thirteenth (yes, lucky thirteen) anniversary. Joe and I had just dined at an Italian restaurant in celebration. We spent the entire evening absorbed in each other’s company, oblivious to those around us. We held hands and talked. Dean Martin’s voice filled the air with “That’s A’more” as our waitress brought out fresh garlic bread and salad. I remember glancing up for an instant and noticing three couples seated at the table beside us, but I was soon reabsorbed into the trance of our evening.

Then Joe got on his knees and pulled out a card from under his chair and handed it to me. The card was full of beautiful words, and I smiled and kissed him. Joe reached down and got his calendar, and we planned a family camping trip to take place later that summer. We looked forward to taking our three children camping on our favorite island in Michigan. Suddenly, all was silent.

“Oh, no—everyone’s gone!” I said, glancing at the empty tables around us.

“We’d better go,” Joe said.

We paid our bill and walked hand in hand to our car.

It was when we were driving out of the parking lot that the three men stopped our car and insisted we put our window down. My heart raced as Joe cracked his window a couple of inches. The men looked into our car.

“We have to know,” one said breathlessly.

“Know what?” my puzzled husband asked.

“Did she say yes?”


“Did she say yes?”

Our fear turned to laughter as we recognized the faces as those belonging to the men at the table next to ours. The couples were sure they had witnessed a marriage proposal at our table.

“Yes, she did.” Joe responded with a smile. “Thirteen years ago!

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