The Plum Tree United Church of Christ, located at the corner of 300 East and St. Rd. 124 in Huntington County, is offering a six-week Lenten study group entitled “A Journey to Jerusalem” lead by Dr. Jeanne Spoor.
The study group will be offered each Wednesday night from 7 – 8 p.m. from February 5 through March 12. The general public is welcome and there is no charge to participate. For more information contact Verla Jane Park at 468-2737, Connie Mounsey at 758-2490, Ralph Eltzroth at 375-2691 or Dr. Jeanne Spoor at 260-456-3801.

“Lent is a time for personal reflection as we prepare for the celebration of Easter. Every year we listen to the stories of Jesus’ followers who found their lives changed by His presence. In these weekly studies we will join them on their journey to Jerusalem. Instead of giving up something for Lent, think about adding this Bible study to your weekly schedule,” suggests Dr. Spoor.

The study each week will focus on the stories found in the Gospel of John. The texts for the following week’s lessons will be available at the end of each session. Dr. Spoor will give a presentation at the beginning of each lesson, then those attending will divide into smaller study groups for discussion. The study group topics and schedule is as follows:

Feb. 6 Ash Wednesday-Worship Service, Holy Communion and “Our Spiritual Journey – Then”

Feb. 13 “Mary Magdalene”

Feb. 20 “Nicodemus”

Feb. 27 “Peter”

March 5 “Thomas”

March 12 “Our Spiritual Journey – Now”


For more information contact Janie Park at 468-2737 or or Kim MacMillan at 468-2392 or

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