Sgt. Corey Trosper, former address 2718 Lower Huntington Road. Born in Indiana, attended school at Waynedale Elementary, graduated from Wayne High School in 2001. Then he went into the Marines where he excelled. Corey toured Iraq twice he got out in October 2005 went from Private Prompted to Sergeant. He also toured Israel, Spain, Italy & Africa while in the Marines. In December 2006 he joined the Indiana National Guard. He trained at Camp Atterbury and attended classes in Arkansas and at the Armory on Cook Road. He left on January 2, 2008 with the 293rd group to go to FN Stewart in Hinesville, Georgia, for two or three months where he is now going through extreme training. This will be his 3rd tour in Iraq He is expected to leave in March 2008 for one year.

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