As the explosion of fall fades into winter, some mourn the loss of beauty in their gardens. Winter lacks the bright colors of summer but winter definitely has its own unique magnificence. Personally I love the calmness of a winter day-the smell of cold air, the chilly breezes, and the different view of my garden.

The winter landscape has its own personality. Statues and stones take on a new look and garden benches hold snow and squirrel’s nutshells-teasing me to come take a visit in the cold. Shiny-berried shrubs take the forefront-attracting chilly cardinals. The barks of birch, paperbark maple, and smooth gray beech suddenly show off after being upstaged all year.

When you add a dusting of snow to a tree or ornamental grass, it creates a picture-perfect scene. I remember as a very young child, my mother called me to the window one early November morning. Overnight we had a very heavy frost and EVERYTHING was covered in what looked like tiny mirrors and crystals in the bright cold morning sun. As only a mother can, she takes joy in the simplest of beautiful things! (I hope to have learned some of that from her.) To surprise her, I snuck outside and picked her a “bouquet” of glistening diamond twigs and grasses. Of course by the time I presented them to her indoors, all had melted and it was only sticks and weeds left.

The story reminds me how we as gardeners are simply trying to replicate-and improve upon-what Mother Nature has already created and perfected over millions of years. We bring nature home to our yards. In the same way, decorating for the Holidays is often really an attempt at bringing the beauty of nature indoors as well. This is our desire to want (no, need) to be connected with nature…which really is our original home.

It brings us comfort and a sense of peace.


Bless Mother Earth!

The Waynedale News Staff

Kenton Neuhouser

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