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On March 27, 2007 at 6:00 pm at The American Legion, Lincoln Post 82 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Approximately 90 people-families, school principles, and teachers were in attendance. A Recognition Ceremony “Flag Test Program” was presented. Post 82 sponsored Elementary schools, with 38 fourth grade students.

Haverhill- Boy Winner, Rodger Chase, Girl Winner, Katie Dunlap

St. Paul Lutheran- Boy Winner, Ethan Ernst, Girl Winner, Lauren Reyes

Aboite- Boy Winner, Walter Li, Girl Winner, Grace Mnnick

Lindley- Boy Winner, Drew Vance, Girl Winner, Kara Lilly

Certificates of Appreciation for participation were presented to schools and students, along with a pen and pencil set with the American Legion emblem.

From this group Drew Vance, and Kara Lily of Lindley were judged and became the Post 82 winners. They advanced into the District Judging and became the 4th District winners. They will compete in state competition.

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