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“Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have; God is pleased by sacrifices of that kind” (Hebrews 13:17:NAB)


Dear God, this is Kelley


Talking to God is easy; it’s listening that’s the hard part. Sometimes we hear Him just fine. Most of the time we feel in the dark. Ah, but the growth that occurs during that time… No wonder God doesn’t talk out loud!

There is a commercial on showing an old woman sitting in a chair all by herself. The voiceover says something like this, “Carol almost brought her dinner. Tom almost stopped by to visit. Kelley almost volunteered to take her to her doctor. Bob almost brought her to church with him.”

How many “almosts” am I guilty of, Lord? I almost wrote that letter to my senator. I almost called the White House about the bill I read about in an email. I almost got food for the food pantry. I almost set a good example for my kids to care for other people.

Yes, I am busy. There is no question about that. But so is everyone, here in this country where our economy says we must run at lightning speed, and so we have, and do. Why do I give over my power so easily? Why do I continue to offer excuses, thinking I am absolving myself for all my “almosts”?

I’m up right now, getting the box to put in the kitchen to collect for the food pantry. The box will remind me – fill it each week with the specials, the good deals, the buy-one-get-frees that I grab for my family.

Forgive me, Lord, I want to please You. I can please You. May I stop “almost” pleasing You. Amen.


Kelley is a Christian writer and speaker from Waynedale. She hosts retreats and speaks on many issues: relationship with God, the Holy Spirit, morality, motivating children/adults to pray, surviving abuse, Scripture, church history, and God’s sense of humor.

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