I have a friend who was attacked on Friday night (and apparently it happened the same way to another lady Saturday night on Cook Road). She’s bumped and bruised, some cuts required staples, and of course she’s shaken up, but is physically okay other than that.

The guy stole her purse, ran off and got into what she thought was a blue van and took off. Her credit cards were used right away.

When she made her police report, the police told her that this has been happening in quite a few areas across town. The police believe the same people are involved and are targeting older folks and women who are alone.

They also believe that the victims are being followed home from the grocery store and getting mugged while they are unloading their stuff.

If you saw the video on the news a few weeks ago of the older gentleman getting robbed at the GNC, the police think it’s the same guy.

I don’t want to alarm anyone, just be aware of what’s going on around you. It could make all the difference in the world.

Tell your moms, your sisters, your wives and, of course, look out for your older neighbors and friends.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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