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Thursday, February 22, nearly 150 soldiers along with family and friends met for a departure ceremony at the Army National Guard Reserve Training Detachment on Cook Road in Fort Wayne. The ceremony was preparation for the day to follow.

The 384th Battalion left from the Army Reserve Center on Nuttman Avenue in Fort Wayne on Friday, February 23 for overseas deployment. Members of the 384th Battalion were deployed for an estimated 18-month leave. The first three months will be spent in Fort Bliss, Texas before they will deploy to Iraq for an estimated 15 months. Of the 150 soldiers deployed, roughly 100 are from the Northeast Indiana area, with about 50 of these soldiers being from Fort Wayne.

The soldiers will be trained at Fort Bliss, Texas and move on to Iraq where they will perform Military Police responsibilities, including maintaining security and support on the battlefield. Other duties include conducting police intelligence as well as law and order operations. Soldiers of the 384th Battalion will be responsible for working in Iraq prisons and training the corrections officers in Iraq to do the job.

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