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Bob and Lillie Robinson of Fort Wayne celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Monday, February 19. The couple met in their hometown of Robinson, Illinois. They married on February 19, 1957 in the nearby town of Roanoke, Indiana. Work brought them to Fort Wayne where Lillie spent time as a seamstress and Bob kept busy building houses in the Waynedale area, including the house in which they live today.

Bob and Lillie celebrated their anniversary with family and friends at the Southwest Conservation Club in Fort Wayne on Saturday, February 17. They anticipated having up to ten guests but by the end of the evening over fifty guests had signed their guest book and shared in their celebration. Bob and Lillie are members of the Southwest Conservation Club and enjoy spending time at the club, fishing, trap and skeet shooting and attending community events. Bob spends his free time gardening and has recently grown apple trees, peach trees, and rhubarb. Lillie enjoys quilting in her spare time.

When asked the secret of their successful fifty-year marriage, what Lillie had to say was quite simple, “Through all of the ups and downs, marriage is a lifetime commitment.”

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