It was On Track Ministries/WBCL Church Group Night at Baer Field Speedway and Jonathan had about 300 extra people cheering for him this week. The ProSystems/WBCL team were able to turn a rough start into another great finish in the Half-Mile Modifieds at Baer Field Speedway one Saturday night.

In the first practice session the car seemed to be a little too loose. Jonathan came in and the team made a few minor adjustments that seemed to help a little. However, when it came time to qualify, the car was just all over the place and Jonathan ended up qualifying in the ninth position. We were a little puzzled as to why the car was handling in that manner and made a few more adjustments.

During the course of the first heat Jonathan started near the rear of the field. As he began to make his way forward you could tell that he had his hands full and the car did not want to cooperate. As he was making a pass in the middle of turns three and four, with just a few laps to go, the ProSytems/WBCL Modified just looped around on him. He kept the car running and took off after the field finishing his heat race in seventh position. He told us something was wrong with the braking.

When he came into the pits we discovered that the brake bias adjuster was not working properly. It had jammed giving him too much rear braking and almost no front brakes. Thanks to our crew chief and Bobby Bering, Jr., they got the brake bias adjuster loosened up and were able to dial in some front braking. However, Jonathan would have no idea what kind of brakes he would have until feature time.

When feature time rolled around Jonathan was ready to race. Tonight he would be competing against three former modified champions he grew up watching race. Jonathan charged into the first turn and the car stuck! He made an awesome run and almost completed a pass for the lead before getting chopped off late in the race. It was incredible to watch Jonathan take a car that wasn’t handling in the beginning of the night, turn it around and run up front. It was a great night and Jonathan brought the ProSystems/WBCL Modified home to another third place feature finish.

After the race Jonathan came over to the party deck on the front stretch to greet the On Track Ministries/WBCL Church group night guests. I am always amazed as he interacts with fans and sponsors, but I am especially proud of the attention he gives to the children. It was great to have three of our sponsors there for the race. WBCL, Fort Wayne Financial Services and Aspen Mortgage. We want to especially thank Glen Ford and Aspen Mortgage for making sure we had a good set of tires for Church Group Night.

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