With the early arrival of winter weather, the Allen County Board of Commissioners would like to remind motorists of the three levels of Snow and/or Ice Emergency that may be declared in unincorporated Allen County:


Level I: All motorists are asked to stay off roadways unless absolutely necessary.

Level II: Only emergency travel is allowed. Drivers may be ticketed and vehicles may be towed if on the roads. County Government offices are closed.

Level III: All travel is prohibited except for authorized vehicles. County Government offices are closed.


“Working to control ice and snow on county roadways is one of the most important services we provide during the winter season,” said Commissioner Linda Bloom. “Promoting the safest possible travel on public roads and streets is our top priority.”

The Allen County Highway Department provides emergency snow and ice control for more than 3,000 lane miles of roads and streets in unincorporated Allen County. Roads are cleared according to these priority levels: 1) high traffic hard surface roads, 2) low traffic hard surface roads, 3) subdivisions and gravel roads.

Snow removal begins when roadways are determined to be too slippery for safe travel, or when a significant amount of accumulation covers the road surface. Factors such as the rate of snowfall, freezing rain, temperature, time of day or night, wind speed, wind direction and the duration of a storm all affect the success of snow and ice control measures.

For more information about Allen County Highway Department snow and ice control procedures, call the North Maintenance Facility at 449- 4781; South Maintenance Facility at 449-4791; or the Main Office at 449-7369.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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