The North East District of the Garden Club of Indiana will be presenting a check to the Little River Wetlands Project at their annual board meeting to help with the acquisition and stewardship of a new 675 acre wetland nature preserve in southwest Allen County.

Eagle Marsh is adjacent to Fox Island County Park, as well as, the restored wetland on Engle Road. Altogether, it will create a 1400-acre natural area in Allen County.

The North East District of the Garden Club of Indiana is comprised of six garden clubs in northeast Indiana. Their executive board meeting will be held July 29 at 11:00 am at the Mariott in Fort Wayne.

Jean Gronendyke, District Director says, “The garden clubs of Indiana regularly raise money for worthy causes. We believe that the huge amount of wetland loss in Indiana is a great concern, particularly for flowering plants that need wetlands. We applaud the Little River Wetlands Project for their efforts at Eagle Marsh and are glad to contribute.”

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