I recently met a person who asked me if I believed in Jesus.‑ “Why would you ask?” was my reply.‑ “You’re Indian, aren’t you?”‑ “Yes, I’m Mohawk.”‑ “Well, Indians don’t believe in Jesus.”‑ Wow, I thought, who‑is this person?

I would like to invite you to Peace Tree Ridge, our home, when we have drumming, meditation and prayer.‑ You will see and meet everyone.‑ I will introduce you‑to the group as my friend, and as you take your seat, I will hand you a drum. I will‑say an opening prayer, and then we will all start drumming.‑ Each beat of the drum is a prayer, sent to The Creator. I can assure you that everyone that you have just met is saying a welcome prayer for you with their drumming and asking The Creator to bless you and to touch you with The Holy Spirit as you receive our unconditional love and respect.‑ As the drumming stops and we sit in silence for a while, meditating, I will play a gratitude song on my cedar flute and chant an Indian thanksgiving song to The Way Shower, Jesus, our elder brother, yours and mine.‑ We will finish the evening by all holding hands as we form a circle, and one person is chosen to offer the closing prayer.‑ I ask if you will do us Indians the honor.‑ Thank you.‑


Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing

The Waynedale News Staff

Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing

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