In the February issue of The Waynedale News I asked the question:

“Is minor league baseball promoting itself?”

I change my position.

“Is all of baseball not promoting itself?”

The February 17, 2005 issue of USA Today had an article, “Get Married, Take Batting Practice.” The Chicago White Sox are now offering fans the opportunity to get married at their ballpark and enlisted team owner Jerry Reindorf to perform the ceremony. They say that it gives the fan a chance to live out their baseball dreams.

Another one of baseball’s promotions?

Hardly a baseball promotion.

Is this to take our attention off of baseball’s problems?

Since I take Sports Illustrated, I received the SI swimsuit issue. Yes, I looked over the issue but I detect discrimination. All of these ladies were raving beauties with very good features. This is hardly what many men look for in a wife. Even the sport’s magazines aren’t promoting sports.

Remember what copies of The Sporting News looked like?

That’s The Way I Saw It.

The Waynedale News Staff

Denver Howard

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